Parade float



A paper mache parade float
How to make a paper mache amphibian monster eating a politicians car parade float!

Get yourself an old car that the owner doesn't mind messing up a little. A rental car would also work quite well.

Get some flexible pipe and start screwing it on and wiring it together.

Eyes are a good thing to have, so we used these giant old lights. Make sure to stand back and admire each step you take along the way.

Keep adding more tubing and take lots of pictures so you can post a how-to page on your website.

Then comes chicken wire, to keep the chickens from getting away. Make sure to wire this onto the tubing so you can drive at high rates of speed later.

Start adding paper smeared with a liberal amount of cellulose wall paper paste. If you are not as tall as Rick you may need to use a bigger ladder or get a crane.

Keep adding lots of sheets of paper until you have the entire thing covered. You can use any paper you have including wrapping paper and paper bags, but avoid toilette paper.

Now the arms and tail are on and things are looking good.

We then drove to a friends house that is on the parade route to finish painting it. It held up just fine to speeds of 40 MPH!

Get the whole neighborhood to help paint

That's Rick Sassa (top) and Paul Hilliard (bottom) adding some finishing touches.

American flags and some vinyl graphics add some needed flair.

Rick is driving and that's me (Paul) hanging out the mouth. We had people hidden up inside the monster squirting water on the crowd and most importantly on the judges as we past by. That may be why we only won a $20 prize for our entry.

Co-creators of this monstrosity: Rick Sassa and Paul Hilliard. That was fun!


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