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Welcome to the FREE sign 2009 page
Here is the Idea: A FREE sign for 2009.

I made this sign and put it out in front of my house to give away to anyone who wants it.

If you take the sign, you must do the following:

1. Bring the sign somewhere else.

2. Take a picture with the sign and send it to me.

3. Give the sign away again.

I will post all pictures and stories here about the FREE Sign 2009. Of course if you want to send me videos, holographic images, postcards, messages in bottles, telepathic communications, smoke signals, seismic vibrations, sonar, carrier pigeon, telegraph, bicycle messenger, morse code, western union, tea leaves, telephone, drum beats, television, signs from god, satellite, radar, wireless, or even just mail, that would be fine; however, please refrain from paper note wrapped bricks thrown through windows. Thanks.



FREE sign 2009 by artist Paul Hilliard of

Day one: Me and the FREE Sign 2009! -Jan. 1st 2009

Jan. 19th 2009- My good friends Sean Fagan and his fiance Andrea took the FREE sign to Troy NY, placed the sign in their front yard and poof, it was gone in three minutes! Sean is the man behind Circus Theatricks; circus and theatrical camps and classes for kids.

Feb. 11th 2009- FREE Sign 2009 is highjacked by pizza selling people in the Troy NY area. The temporary "Pizza" thing was added for some sort of event by MaryBeth of Troy. She apparently neglected to include herself or any other of the highjackers in the photo in order to avoid any trouble with crazy artist types. Good thinking MaryBeth.

March 1st 2009- The FREE Sign 2009 was recovered from the highjacker by Seano again and put back infront of his house in Troy NY. Today he was informed by his postal dude that the sign is gone once more, and that he had planned on taking it to Florida if it was still there when he was going. The Florida plan was not to be I guess, so now where is it? Have to wait and see.

March 16th, 2009- The FREE Sign 2009 is hanging out with these kids! I am trying to get the rest of the information and will post as soon as I get it.

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