Bennington Moosefest 2009 Work in progress Page two.

Moosefest! I am making a moose for the Bennington Vermont Moosefest 2009. The moose will be licking a giant double scoop ice cream cone. The Moosefest website is HERE so check it out.


Now It's time for the all important tongue. I cut the jaw off and repositioned it to make room for the tongue. The tongue is made the same way the other parts were made, by carving styrofoam and then coating it with compound.

Fitting it all together.


Now it's all coated in bondo and sanded.

The tongue is pinned to the cone with a steel rod running from the head of the moose into the cone.

Look at how fast I am sanding.

Time for a break

Everything is primed! Yahoo!

Painting time...

Loading it onto Ralph's trailer, with Bill's pirate moose.

That's Bill Brassard with his moose

Quick stop at Stewart's in Hoosick Falls, NY

In Bennington, VT to be clear coated.

Next stop: The unveiling!

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